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          We offer you the best luxury hotel with an impressive history Green Valley Vista to experience munnar with fortable stay

          Rooms And Suits

          Our rooms have been beautifully designed using the best of everything, be it furniture, linen, amenities . Pick a room that best suits your taste and budget









          ?Green Valley Vista. Munnar

          Hearty wele to Munnar, the Kashmir of South! One of the most sought-after hill stations in India.

          Munnar es to your heart with a celestial touch of god. The distinctly different land of astounding scenery offers you an experience that you would like to keep in your heart forever. Green Valley Vista” dream project of Shri P D Ramakrishna Pillai, Founder of Green Voyage Hospitality who has an experience of 20 Years in Tourism Industry, started his carrier with single room property “Green View” in Thekkady which gradually grown to well-furnished 24 rooms property. Under Green Voyage Hospitality now there are three properties which includes recently started property in Mararikulam ( Alleppey ) “Marari Green Villas”.
          It is in the promised land of god “Green Valley Vista” beckons you to have a wonderful stay with a touch of class. The property located in the middle of enchanting greenery offers you twelve well-appointed and independent rooms & one family cottage.

          • Reading & Meditation

            Reading & Meditation area

            We have collection of may books in different language & space for yoga

          • Inhouse Restaurant

            Inhouse Restaurant

            Delicious Food

          • Out door chill out area

            Out door chillout area

            You can enjoy with nature on Chillout area

          • Camp fire in the Garden

            Camp fire in the Garden

            Camp fire available as per requirement

          Our Package Offers

          Pick a package that best suits

          We mainly specialize in sustainable tourism, eco-toursim/responsible tourism, spiritual tours and yoga meditations. We are also concerned about our environment and also taking an approach to make our environment evergreen and sustainable.

          As home to many highest mountains in the world, Munnar offers some of the finest trekking trails amazingly enriched with lush green forests, diverse groups of flora and faunas acpanied by spectacular views of glowing Tea mountain peaks at the back drop. Lonely planet recently listed Munnar as ‘One of the top destination in South India for 2019’ due to its specialty in natural beauty.

          25% off

          Weeken Spa Offer

          Enjoy a luxurious SPA weekend dedicated to helping you unwind.

          Read more

          * condition apply

          15% off In Winter

          Honeymoon Offer

          25% off

          * condition apply


          24 Hr

          Taxi service

          We offers a well knit transportation arrangements to make your journey easy and stress free. We have cars to multi-seat tourist coaches with courteous and well experienced drivers. ( Air port , Rail way station & bus station pick up – Drop, Sight seeing tour taxi etc.. Rate is as per kilometer )


          Get in Touch



          Reviewed Us


          Get our updated offers, discounts, events and much more!

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